Healthcare Websites

Our healthcare websites are designed to do what you need:

Goes to work

A healthcare website needs to make it easy for potential patients, referral sources and Google to get to know, like, and trust you. Easy to say, but it’s easy to get wrong. Your website is not the equivalent of a printed brochure, not trying to win a graphic design contest, and not a summer project for your niece, nephew, other relative, neighbor’s kids, or anyone else.

We approach healthcare websites as marketing machines  that work for you 24/7/365. We often build new websites for clients as part of our healthcare marketing systems.

Showcases your practice

We showcase what patients value about your practice that’s different from your competitors. It could be almost anything. For example, some practices have more experience with a certain treatment than anyone else. Other times patients love how responsive the front desk is.

We search for that valuable difference and incorporate it into your healthcare website design. We’ll talk with you. We might also want to talk to some of your current patients. Since patients chose your practice because of a difference that’s valuable, they’re a great source to talk to.

Anchors your online presence

Your healthcare website will provide more information about your practice than any other online property you have. At the same time, those other online properties need to work in coordination with your website so that visitors who find you off your website come right to it. We build healthcare websites that patients want to read and Google wants to rank.

Is HIPAA Compliant

Websites can store protected health information (PHI). One example is the contact form. Contact forms ask for a patient’s name, email, and phone number. Most also ask “how can we help?” When put together, that can be PHI. Some contact form providers are HIPAA compliant and others are not. Using a non-compliant contact form tool means not only can anyone who works there that PHI, but so can the company hosting your website. 

We set up a HIPAA compliant relationship  with all of our clients. We only use HIPAA compliant subcontractors and tools, for example HIPAA compliant website forms.

Healthcare Websites Are Part Of A Consistent Marketing System

We build healthcare websites for clients who sign up for one of our healthcare marketing systems or another add on service that we do regularly for them. For marketing to meet marketing goals, you must do marketing consistently over time. When we start with a client for a marketing system and agree that we need to do their website, we’re 100% in it to win it. However, we don’t take on healthcare websites as one-off projects. One-off projects are not done consistently over time. We thank you for understanding our choice.