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Patients Have To Find You To Choose You

Get Your Online Presence Solid With Healthcare Local Marketing Foundations


When patients find you online what do they see? Does your website clearly describe what you do? Are your staff bio pages thorough and engaging? Is it easy to contact you? Do you have new reviews? Can they get driving directions to your office? Can they schedule an appointment from Google? Are you doing all of this in a HIPAA compliant way?

Healthcare local marketing foundations means you have a solid foundation online. When potential patients find you online, like what they see, and consider calling you for an appointment. It also means that Google trusts you and ranks you high enough in search results so those patients can actually see you. 

What does Google need to trust you? Some of it is familiar - good reviews, complete information about your practice, and the same information about your practice wherever Google looks. If Google finds different information it gets confused. It’s not a good idea to confuse Google. There are all sorts of ways to help Google trust you - with the information you put online, with the backlinks you get, and the technical stuff you do or don’t do with your website and your Google listing.  

Healthcare Local Marketing Foundations

Our Healthcare Local Marketing Foundations system helps you make a good first impression to potential patients and Google. Healthcare local marketing foundations makes sense for practices that haven’t updated their website in a few years, are in a geography with modest levels of competition, and have a decent marketing budget they can spend without lying awake at night.  With our add-on healthcare marketing services such as video, eNewsletters, social media, pay-per-click advertising, and others, we can tailor your system to your specific needs.

Here’s what our clients who use our healthcare local marketing foundations service say they like about it:

Gets results.

Our clients get more traffic to their website and more patient reviews. They also climb in search results in Google’s map pack and local organic listings.


Our clients hire us to be their marketing leaders. That means we take the lead on getting the work done. We keep you informed. We’re clear when we need something from you, what it is, and how to do it. Getting more patient reviews is really easy with this service. So is getting listed in multiple online directories and properly optimizing your Google My Business listing.

hIPAA compliant.

Asking for reviews requires a patient’s email address or cell phone number. That’s ePHI. Giving us access to your website may expose us to ePHI. We set up a HIPAA compliant relationship with you before we get started and before any ePHI changes hands.

Check Out Our Local Foundations Marketing Case Study

Healthcare Local Marketing Foundations Packages

All parts of healthcare local marketing foundations are monthly unless otherwise stated. 





Website SEO

  • Audit, fix, get backlinks yearly
  • Audit, fix, get backlinks quarterly
  • Audit, fix, get backlinks monthly

New Website Content

  • 1,000 words/month

Patient Reviews

  • Ask for reviews (4 sites)
  • 24/7/365 monitoring (3 sites)
  • 1 hour training and reference guide
  • Ask for reviews (4 sites)
  • 24/7/365 monitoring (6 sites)
  • 1 hour training and reference guide; train new staff
  • Ask for reviews (4 sites)
  • Ask patients in bulk
  • 24/7/365 monitoring (6 sites)
  • 1 hour training and reference guide; train new staff
  • Respond to reviews via centralized dashboard

Google My Business

  • Claim and optimize listings
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Claim and optimize listings
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Add new photos (10 at a time)
  • Claim and optimize listings
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Add new photos (10 at a time)
  • Add new posts (3 at a time)

Directory Listings

20 sites

40 sites

60 sites

HIPAA Compliance


  • Progress report emailed monthly
  • Progress report emailed monthly; live meeting once/quarter
  • Live meeting each month

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