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Private practice in healthcare is a cause. We contribute with effective, affordable marketing.

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Our Healthcare Marketing Agency Systems

Healthcare Search Engine Optimization

Stand out from the crowd online.

Healthcare Local Online Foundation

Build the online foundation every practice needs.

Healthcare Reputation Management

Make a great first impression to people and Google.

 Healthcare Reviews

Your reputation is great! Show it with reviews.

Healthcare Marketing Plan Development

Turn your marketing from "idea of the week" to strategic.

Private practice owners deliver the best care. You have the most freedom to prescribe what you think is best. We firmly believe that's how healthcare needs to be. You don't have a hospital, health system, far away owners, or anyone else whispering in your ear what they require you to do. Our mission is to help you stay private. We do that by helping you attract new patients with effective affordable marketing.

You need new patients to choose your practice, refer more patients to you, and stay with you over time. You want referral sources to do the same thing. That all takes trust. Trust takes consistency. Healthcare marketing needs to follow along. The best way to do healthcare marketing consistently is to systematize it. What’s that mean? A system is any process that runs really well. The steps are clear. Every person who has to do anything in the process knows what it is. The process runs so well you don’t even think about it. At MarketVisory Group we systematize healthcare marketing.

Some of our Clients

Clients We Help Best Look Like This:

healthcare marketing

You're established and independently owned. You get to make decisions about your practice, including what you do about marketing. If you're owned by a hospital or health system, you usually don't get to call the shots. It's difficult for us to help you.

healthcare marketing

You compete for patients in your local area. You're local. You're trying to get more patients within a 10, 25, or maybe 75 mile radius around each of your offices.

healthcare marketing

You already believe in regular ongoing marketing. Marketing has to be done consistently to be successful. That means monthly. Our clients believe in this. We have long, productive relationships together.  

Why Choose MarketVisory Group As Your Healthcare Marketing Agency?

We specialize in healthcare marketing. 

Over 90% of our clients are in healthcare. We only target healthcare practices as clients. We think of healthcare broadly - primary care, specialty care, oral health, eye health, mental health, holistic health, and anything else.

We get results.

The phones ring, contact us forms are sent in, website traffic grows, keyword rankings climb, more patients leave reviews, blogs rank, social exposure grows, and on and on. We run our healthcare marketing system religiously every month because that’s what it takes to get results and keep them over time.

We have best-in-class certification. 

We are Duct Tape Marketing Certified. Duct Tape Marketing has taken tried and true principles of strategic and tactical marketing and packaged it up for use with small and mid-sized businesses, including healthcare practices.  As a Duct Tape Marketing certified agency, we get a deep library of tools, continuing education, and a community of over 100 other certified consultants to work with. We can do just about anything for our clients with Duct Tape Marketing at our side.

We’re marketing service agnostic.

We don’t decide on services before talking to you. Our only concern is that the services we put into your marketing system will hit the goals we agree on.

Our clients like us. 

Just about every client who could renew services with us has chosen to do so. We’re not perfect, and some circumstances change, but we're proud of the growing number of great client reviews we have!

We’re experienced in healthcare marketing. 

Our principal, Carl White, has over 20 years of experience doing healthcare marketing. He grew up working in his family’s pharmacy and home DME business. You could say that healthcare marketing is in his blood.

We’re HIPAA compliant. 

Marketing and HIPAA can intersect. Even a patient’s email address or cell phone number, when paired with their name, counts as protected health information (PHI). If you share any of that PHI with an outside marketing agency, you must have a HIPAA compliant relationship. We set up HIPAA compliant relationships with every client. 

We’re hands off for you.  

You want to do the doctor stuff. You want your staff doing their stuff. We’ll handle the marketing so it’s off your plate. We’ll do it as leaders so it’s off your mind. Leaders know what to do and when to call you. When we need a decision from you, we present you options so you can make an informed choice. We’ll never ask you what we should do.

We’re not hostage takers. 

We want you to stay with us because you like the results and you like working with us. While we will ask for an extended agreement (say, 6 or 12 months), we also have a 30 day out clause. That clause always wins. If you’re not happy, just give us 30 days’ notice.

Our pricing is transparent. 

Each client’s marketing system is a set package of services for a fixed monthly fee. No surprises! Any change to your marketing system is approved by you. Even 1 penny of additional cost is approved by you first. 

I’ve spent most of my career doing marketing for large healthcare companies in very competitive markets. I know how to get providers, nurses, and patients to consider what we offer in a  compelling and authentic way.

Working with us means we join your team. We win together. We take the patient’s mindset, listen hard, avoid marketing and digital techo-speak, hold ourselves accountable, and treat your time and money like it’s ours.

If you want marketing off your plate and off your mind, and want deep healthcare expertise on your side, take the next step and
 contact us.

How We Work

We follow a 3 step process for each prospective client we meet:


Question - we ask a deep-dive battery of questions to understand your background, practice goals, prior marketing, and a bunch of other important details.


Prescribe - we propose a healthcare marketing system designed for you. No two client’s systems are quite the same, but each one is a system. The proposal is yours whether you sign on with us or not.


Perform -  if you sign on with us, then we run that system religiously every month, report results to you, tweak what we should, and keep moving forward.


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