Healthcare Text Message Marketing

Potential patients who contact you also contact your competitors. They might leave you a message during office hours, after hours, or use a chat feature on your website (if you have one). Whoever calls them back first has the best chance of scheduling an appointment. We’re not saying you need to answer every phone call 24/7. We’re also not saying you need to staff up to answer every call. You need your sleep, and staff get busy. 

Healthcare Text Messaging With Us

You can nurture missed phone calls with text messaging. The messaging shows you’re responsive and leaves the caller with a good impression so they’re willing to wait for you to call back. Now have a chance to talk with that potential patient and see if you can schedule them for an appointment. That’s the whole point.

If a potential patient calls you at 2:00am, we’ll text chat with them at 2:00am. We’ll send you the transcript and contact information so you can call back ASAP the next morning. If they call at 3:00pm when you’re with a patient and your staff is busy, we’ll send you the same information. We work with our clients to design and personalize the chat. Once it’s set up, it’s on autopilot.

Our text messaging service offers the following benefits:

Easy to use

Once the service is set up, all you need to do is get your texts and call those potential patients back. 

Capture contact information

Capture lead data and a text messaging opt-in from every caller—even missed, abandoned and after-hours calls.

Convert calls to text conversations

Spend less time on the phone and playing phone tag. Automatically engage voice callers in text conversations that can be shared with your team 24/7.

Convert web chat to text chat

Website chats are fickle. Sometimes the visitor stays, sometimes they leave. We change that web chat to a text chat, which is much more valuable and durable than a web chat.

HIPAA compliant.

Our healthcare text messaging service captures the caller’s cell number and name. When those are paired together, it’s PHI. We set up a HIPAA compliant relationship with all of our clients before any PHI changes hands.

Healthcare Text Messaging Is Part Of A Consistent Marketing System

We do text messaging for clients who sign up for one of our healthcare marketing systems or as a standalone service that we do regularly for them. For marketing to meet marketing goals, you must do marketing consistently. When we start with a client for a marketing system and agree that we need to do text messaging, we’re 100% in it to win it. However, we don’t take do text messaging as a one-off project. One-off projects are not done consistently over time. We thank you for understanding our choice.