Healthcare Marketing Plan

Some clients aren’t clear who their target patients are, what messages to target those patients with, how to reach them, and why patients would choose our client instead of competitors. How can that happen? Some clients just opened their practice and everything is new, some are entering a market that’s new to everyone, and some added new treatments or services that target different types of patients than what they know. In these cases we need to do a healthcare marketing plan.

Healthcare Marketing Plan

A healthcare marketing plan gives you clear direction on the core parts of marketing strategy and how to execute them. Our healthcare marketing plans are thorough, plain language and practical. We have checkpoints with you as we're building it so you know how it's looking and can weigh in. When we deliver the final plan, we include a detailed implementation plan what needs to get done and our fee to do it.

  • Target patient personas
    Their needs, priorities, barriers to choosing your practice, and decision criteria
  • Competitive research 
    Who they are, how they compare, and what they’re good and not good at.
  • Your core message
    In a sentence, what’s different and valuable about your practice for your target patient, compared to your competitors.
  • Turning those patients into loyal patients
    All patients go through 7 stages to become loyal to you: know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat, refer. No patients become loyal on their own. We include how to shepherd them through the 7 stages.
  • Marketing Calendar
    We turn the marketing plan’s components into a month-by-month calendar of priorities that’s ready to be executed right away. It includes all set up, monthly work, who does what, and costs.

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