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Do you need a healthcare marketing speaker for your next event?

Carl White, founder of MarketVisory Group, has considerable speaker training and experience. Carl completed the High Impact Presentations training program through The Horizon Companies. He’s given dozens of presentations to large corporate audiences of 200+ down to intimate lunch meetings with 5 dentists. 

Focus On Marketing Decisions Practice Owners Have To Make

Carl focuses on decisions practice owners need to make. His presentations are never how-to’s. He’ll never teach you to do SEO, how to optimize a Google My Business listing, how to audit a website, or anything else. There’s already an ocean of good how-to content out there. Nobody needs more of that.

However, there isn’t much out there to help practice owners make decisions about marketing - what to do, what not to do, and what good looks like. That’s what practice owners and practice managers need. They won't do the marketing. They'll give it to staff or outsource it. They need help to make those choices. Carl helps them make those decisions.

Healthcare Marketing Speaking Topics

Getting Started With Managing Your Reputation Online

20 - 45 mins. Can tailor to time.

There are many parts to any practice’s reputation. An essential place to start is proactively managing your reputation - having your current patients say good things about you to other people.

The need for managing your reputation is NOT new. What is new is how practices do each of these successfully online today. Given that more than 50% of a typical purchase decision is made online before the patient contacts the practice, managing your reputation online is critical. 

Learning Objectives

  • Why reviews are so critical to a practice’s reputation
  • Best practices in asking for reviews, collecting them, and showing them online
  • Considerations for HIPAA compliance

For a sample of this presentation you can watch this video: Systematize Getting More Patient Reviews.

Where Marketing and HIPAA Overlap

30 - 45 mins. Can tailor to time.

Many independently owned healthcare practices and businesses contract with marketing agencies, use 3rd party marketing tools, or use a combination of both. Those healthcare practices are Covered Entities under HIPAA and are subject to HIPAA’s requirements. Oftentimes the healthcare practice will share PHI with those 3rd parties and should set up a HIPAA compliant relationship but do not. In this presentation you'll see common examples of where online marketing and HIPAA intersect with our clients and what can be done.

Learning Objectives

  • How HIPAA and marketing intersect
  • Examples of where HIPAA and marketing intersect
  • Requirements for covered entities with marketing agencies under HIPAA

Know Enough About Local SEO To Give It To Someone Else

30 - 45 mins. Can tailor to time.

For practices that aren’t happy with their ranking in search results, SEO is the answer. There are many components to SEO but only a few matter the most. If those few aren’t done well it really doesn’t matter how well you do the others. In this presentation we walk you through what those few are. With this knowledge you’ll be able to decide how you’ll get it done, whether that’s assigning it to internal staff or outsourcing it.

Learning Objectives

  • The plain language definition of SEO
  • The four major components of Local SEO
  • What good looks like for each SEO component

For a sample of this presentation, go to our video: Know Enough About SEO to Pick a Marketing Agency.

How Much Should I Spend On Marketing My Practice?

30 - 45 mins. Can tailor to time.

Many practice owners are asked this question and most haven’t thought about it before. In this presentation we give a few different frameworks that help break this question down and make it possible to answer. This is not about spreadsheets or calculations. This is the conceptual level to help you make sure that you’re making a good decision and that you’re factoring in the important parts.

Learning Objectives

  • What’s included in a marketing budget
  • 2 ways to break down your marketing need into a marketing budget

For a sample of this presentation, go to our video: How Large Should Our Healthcare Marketing Budget Be?

Partial List of Past Presentations

  • Business Help Shop, 15 attendees, April 2021.
  • Illinois Continuity of Care Alpha Chapter, 50 attendees, November 2020.
  • Winnetka - Northfield Chamber of Commerce, 25 attendees, January 2020.
  • Homecare Association of America, 80 attendees, November 2019.
  • Duct Tape Marketing Annual Summit, 70 attendees, October 2019
  • Chicago & Northeastern Illinois Association of Health Underwriters 75 attendees, July 2019.
  • Illinois Medical Group Managers Association Annual Conference, 60 attendees July 2019.
  • Illinois Continuity of Care Alpha Chapter, 100 attendees, June 2019.
  • Illinois Continuity of Care Chicago Chapter, 100 attendees, April 2019.
  • Illinois Medical Group Managers Association Monthly Meeting, 20 attendees, February 2019.
  • Senior Professionals Assistance Network (SPAN), 15 attendees, April 2018.
  • Winnetka - Northfield Chamber of Commerce Healthcare Interest Group, 15 attendees, January 2018.

Reviews of Carl’s Presentations

Christine Mazzucchelli

Carl recently spoke to the State of IL Continuity of Care organization and gave a terrific overview to our marketing professionals of tips and enhancements in promoting their businesses. We will engage MarketVisory Group next year to speak again on marketing trends.

Lou Pasquesi

Carl White is a fantastic communicator! Our association was fortunate enough to have Carl present at our 2019 Healthcare Summit. His marketing knowledge along with his polished speaking style makes Carl stand out from the rest!

Will Watrous

I took Carl's speaking bootcamp to up-level my presentation/public speaking. He is masterful. He has a 6 week course that was full of million dollar tips - things that seem so simple, but when implemented make a huge difference. I already started using his formula for my presentations and have had very positive feedback.

Rosann Levy

Carl is a knowledgeable professional. I recently saw him give a presentation about SEO and how to market your business. He was so informative I reached out to him for help in marketing my business. He was awesome. I highly recommend him! 

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