Our Mission

Helping Independently Owned Healthcare Practices Stay Independent

Providers and business owners go into healthcare to do well by doing good. They can do the most good if they’re independent owners. They have the most freedom to decide how to run their practice. They can keep doing what works, stop what doesn’t, change their minds, and try new things. That freedom gives them the opportunity for great satisfaction. As a result, they’re motivated to work harder to succeed.

Independent owners need to be able to make independent decisions. The most important decisions they make concern what’s best for their patient. Anybody can put the patient front and center. Independent owners can best keep the patient front and center. That’s when the best decisions are made. No corporate HQ. No hospital review board. Just what’s best for the patient.

At MarketVisory Group we champion independent owners and their need to make independent decisions. We do that by delivering great healthcare marketing systems and add on healthcare marketing services that helps them grow profitably, so they can stay independent. We’re convinced we have the experience and expertise to help you.

By supporting independent owners making independent decisions to do well by doing good, we believe we’re all better off.

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