Healthcare Video Marketing

Good healthcare video marketing helps potential patients and referral sources get to know, like, and trust you a lot faster and more effectively than most other ways of communicating and promoting. 

Why Do Healthcare Videos Work So Well?

Builds quick familiarity

When a viewer watches a video of you introducing yourself, your practice, or explaining something, they hear your voice and read your body language. If they like what they see, it ups the chances they’ll schedule an appointment with you.

Holds attention better

For the same topic, many people will spend more time watching a video than reading about the same topic. Whether it’s about your practice, your staff, a certain treatment or procedure, or patient testimonials, video holds attention better.


Videos have a long shelf life. Unless something drastic about you or what you talked about changes, a video can be used for a long time. They’re great for SEO, and if they’re packaged correctly on your website they can be promoted over and over again.

Good Uses of Healthcare Video Marketing

The sky’s the limit on what you can do, but here’s where we focus our healthcare videos with our clients.

Practice overview

A comprehensive tour of your office, interviews with doctors and staff, plus anything else you’d like to highlight including procedures, testimonials, or amenities.

Practice culture

Interview multiple doctors and staff members about their career, philosophy, and what it's like working in the office.

Procedure or equipment

Focus on a specific procedure or equipment that is unique to your practice and sets you apart from others.


Interview patients and let them talk about the positive experiences they’ve had at your practice and life-changing procedures they’ve undergone.

Healthcare Video Marketing Is Part Of A Consistent Marketing System

We do healthcare video marketing for clients who sign up for one of our healthcare marketing systems or another add on service that we do regularly for them. For marketing to mee marketing goals, you must do marketing consistently. When we start with a client for a marketing system and agree that we need to do video, we're 100% in it to win it. However, we don't take on healthcare video marketing as a one-off project. One-off projects are not done consistently. We thank you for understanding our choice.