About Dr. Ashley White: She is an industry leader in challenging the weight-as-health dogma. Her groundbreaking work with Responsive Eating has encouraged a critical shift in the medical field in the way people with larger bodies are perceived and treated. As a trusted clinician, educator, and parent, Dr. Ashley White’s mission is to use her signature methodology of Responsive Eating to facilitate appetite literacy so that people in larger bodies can unlearn, push back against, and liberate themselves from diet culture. She is a family and emergency medicine doctor by training, and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, though she doesn’t use the term “obesity” in regular practice.


In this episode, Carl White and Dr. Ashley White discuss:

  • Growing into becoming an entrepreneur
  • Softening the blow of expenses 
  • Taking your time back 
  • Diving into starting your own practice 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Some people aren’t born an entrepreneur but still end up being one. The journey to business ownership can begin by finding what you’re passionate about and recognizing what’s hindering you from contributing to that in your current situation. 
  • Starting out with owning your own practice might require you to pursue other means of income while you’re building your business. It will soften the blow of the expenses. 
  • Create an intimate relationship with your patients but also make sure that you don’t get slaughtered by the amount of work you have to do. You need to take your time back. 
  • In starting your own practice, you have to have something that you believe you can do better. You also need to understand that risk is a fact of life, if it feels uncomfortable to try it and there’s an exit ramp, then do it. 


“I have this compelling optimism to say that this current system is not working, I believe there is another way, I will not get trapped in the negativity of there not being another way to do a good primary care. ” – Dr. Ashley White


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