You can’t throw a football today without hitting AI somewhere. What are some areas where you can bring AI into your private practice? My guest today is working on it and she’ll share her ideas.


Dr. Rachel Draelos is a physician scientist and the CEO/Founder of Cydoc, a health AI company. The Cydoc Smart Patient Intake Form interviews patients using medical reasoning, then generates a focused HPI/subjective section of a medical note, saving 10 minutes per visit. Cydoc’s overall mission is to create the first AI-native EHR. Dr. Draelos was the first person to graduate from Duke University with an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and has published research across multiple areas of artificial intelligence for medical applications. Dr. Draelos is also the author of the popular AI and medicine blog Glass Box.


In this episode Carl White and Dr. Rachael Draelos discuss:

  • AI applications in private practice today
  • How can highly regulated private practice medicine think smartly about unregulated AI today?
  • The future she sees in AI for private practice


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