Ronda Nelson started her career as a bookkeeper until her daughter’s life-threatening illness changed everything. She began studying functional medicine and started a highly successful wellness practice in northern CA. Her passion for business and marketing was clear when colleagues began asking for help with practice-related issues, which grew into a coaching and mentoring business.


After 20 years in practice and educating others, Ronda has helped hundreds of wellness practitioners grow incredibly successful practices. She helps functional medicine practitioners transform their practices into thriving businesses through her podcast, online courses, clinical membership, and business coaching programs.


In this episode Carl White and Ronda Nelson discuss:

  • Her firing experience she’d rather forget
  • Her hiring process to find A-team players. You can get the Hiring Guide Ronda describes here.
  • Why culture is so important to keep A-teamers


To get the hiring guide Ronda described, go here: Ronda Nelson Hiring Guide.


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