When you’re starting up a medical practice there are thousands of details, some more important than others. Where do you start? My guest today helps providers start up their own medical practice and helps us break it down.


Betsy Noxon founded Drake & Co. Medical Practice Consulting in 2021 to focus on supporting small to medium private medical practices to achieve best practices for their business, staff, and patients.  Betsy’s goal is to help physicians be proactive so they can be productive and serve their patients to the best of their ability. 

She’s worked in the healthcare business for 30 years. She enjoyed a leadership role as a Practice Manger for a large hospital system in Cleveland, Ohio, excelled as a physician recruiter in Salt Lake City, Utah, and directed all operations as the Administrator for her own podiatric surgical practice in Glenview, Illinois. With Drake & Co., Betsy assists with the launch of medical practices, hiring, overseeing policies and procedures, coordinating training, office set up, patient enrollment, compiling a competitive benefit package, and more. Betsy also recruits physicians, helps with hiring staff at new office locations, and assists with bookkeeping reviews.  Her primary responsibility is to help physicians solve business problems and offer peace of mind.


Betsy is also a young adult fiction author of The Eden Project Series, The Eden Project, The Crescent File, and the Y Factor. In her free time Betsy is an avid outdoor athlete, a passionate runner, cyclist, swimmer who competes in marathons and triathlons.


In this episode Carl White and Betsy Noxon discuss:

  • How much time (months or years) owners should allow for the process of setting up your own practice
  • The more important things practice owners should know about starting their own practice
  • What should physicians think of five to ten years down the line. What they should prioritize.


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