Local Service Ads on Google are not so new anymore, but now they’re slowly rolling out to healthcare providers. Are they a good idea for you? How do they compare to traditional ads on Google? Bill Fukui with Medshark Digital shares his opinions.

Bill Fukui has over 25 years specializing in medical advertising and marketing. He is published in numerous trade journals, a contributing author of The Business of Plastic Surgery, and presents courses at local, regional and national meetings and conventions. Bill has experience in traditional media advertising, as well as all forms of digital marketing. Bill was part of an SEO pioneering agency in 1999, including website design, social media and paid advertising.

In this episode Carl White and Bill Fukui discuss:

  • How Google local service ads differ from traditional ads on Google
  • The availability of local service ads across the US
  • How to decide if Local Service Ads are a good fit for a marketing plan

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