Those who use AI to make their practices work better will beat out those who do not use AI. That’s a quote I’m hearing more and more. But use AI in Revenue Cycle Management? Yup, according to my guest today, and he’ll help us figure out how to get started.


Jeff Hillam is CEO of Red House Medical Billing, a full service revenue cycle management company with offices nationwide. Jeff’s work in healthcare focuses on revenue cycle strategy and management, contract negotiation, and tech implementation. He aims to keep private groups competitive in a heavily consolidated healthcare environment. Not so recently Jeff began taking interest in how AI can integrate into revenue cycle management. He’s very excited by the opportunities and will share some of his thinking today.


In this episode Carl White and Jeffrey Hillam discuss:

  • Where Jeff is using AI in Red House Medical Billing
  • Using AI to predict, not only to automate
  • Applications of AI he’s looking at now


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