For every 10 prospective new patients who call your office, how many of them become actual new patients? Even if you don’t expect to get all 10 of them, are you really getting as many as you should? Often, one of the culprits is poor follow up. My guest’s business is devoted to making that follow up more productive, and he has some insights to help you in this episode.


Matty Mclain is the CEO and Co-founder of Boost Patients. He has spent the last five years helping private practice clinics get more of their patient leads to book consults. Boost uses the power of AI, Automation and Human Personal Touch to drastically increase new patient appointments and remove the burden on staff.


In this episode Carl White and Matty Mclain discuss:

  • What good follow up looks like
  • Why so many practices don’t follow up or don’t follow good guidelines
  • How a practice can get started in improving their own follow up


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