Are you curious about Google Ads for your practice? Have you been burned in the past but still want to see if Google Ads makes sense?

Jim Bilello is President of US Marketing, a Google Ads agency. Jim has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience and has represented key Hollywood Studios, e.g. Paramount, Fox, New Line, Disney, Miramax, Lions Gate for ancillary distribution to colleges and universities, started a college cinema cable network, Account Executive for Clear Channel Entertainment / Live Nation and represented Latin Grammy artists for Hispanic marketing for the Texas Rangers, the Arizona Diamondbacks, Verizon Wireless and Chase Bank. He has a Masters in Education and Marketing from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale and a Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Business Executive Certificate in New Product Development.

In this episode Carl White and Jim Bilello discuss:

  • The difference between paid ads and SEO
  • What good looks like for a Google Ads experience
  • How to measure ROI with Google Ads (and how not to)

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