Sure, you’re likely in favor of helping the environment and helping the planet. If you think there’s not much you can do as a small practice in healthcare, my guest today is going to change your thinking.


Tony Schifano founded Antos Environmental 36 years ago and has been driving environmental initiatives long before the word ‘sustainability’ was ever used. Their clients include many of the nation’s large hospital systems. Their services span operational initiatives including single use plastic elimination, environmental monitoring, and changing culture in an organization to support them, and sustainable strategies and compliance ranging from environmental management policies and procedures to environmental stewardship.  Tony is the exclusive consultant for the American Hospital Association, a Director of the Green Hospital Initiative in China, he co-wrote the Medical Waste Tracking Act in 1988 and State Regulations relating to waste tracking and waste disposal in 17 States and in Puerto Rico.


In this episode Carl White and Tony Schifano discuss:

  • What can smaller practices in healthcare do to reduce waste/associated costs – avoid landfill
  • How smaller practices can stay motivated to stay green even when it looks like the rest of the world strays
  • Why keeping up with sustainability is also good for business


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