Time management is an elusive concept to many healthcare practitioners, but is time management even the right goal? My guest today doesn’t think so. She elevates the goal to time leadership, tells us what it means and how to do it well.


Tracy Cherpeski, MBA, MA, CPSC, is a Business Consultant and Executive Coach with over 20 years of experience. Tracy is the go-to expert for private practice owners and their teams, teaching them how to optimize their time and scale their practices without sacrifice. She helps her clients take back their time and energy to start living a fulfilled life as a high-impact provider and CEO. Tracy is host and executive producer of Thriving Practice podcast, and works with healthcare practice owners around the world.


In this episode Carl White and Tracy Cherpeski discuss:

  • Why should practice owners slow down if they want to grow their business?
  • Why should practice owners master Time Leadership rather than practice Time Management?
  • How does having a strategy outweigh having tactics?


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