Although compensation seems like it’s all about the money, it’s not all about the money. Why not? My guest today is a physician compensation expert and explains.


Stu Schaff is an expert in physician compensation and physician engagement. For over 15 years, he has worked closely with the leadership of more than 100 healthcare organizations across the United States, like Dignity Health and Trinity Health, to develop truly impactful physician compensation strategies and plans. As a trusted advisor, Stu empowers medical group leaders to break the cycle of constantly having to react to dissatisfied physicians. His proactive approach is thoughtfully tailored to each group he serves, leading to improved recruitment, retention, and engagement.


In this episode Carl White and Stu Schaff discuss:

  • The key (and often overlooked) differences between physician-owners and physician-employees and how different compensation models reinforce a different mindset for physician-employees
  • How physician owners should be thinking about compensation
  • Why just implementing a new compensation model doesn’t usually solve the underlying problems (it’s like putting a band-aid on cancer)


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