Welcome to Healthcare Marketing Rx, where our goal is to help the practice owner, the practice manager, the person who’s going to be making decisions about marketing in the practice, make better decisions. You’re not the ones who are going to be doing marketing yourself. Maybe you’re going to be asking some staff to start doing some marketing, or maybe you’re thinking about sourcing it. Either way, you’re thinking about spending real time and money or allocating it towards marketing, but maybe you’re not quite sure what to do.

Healthcare Marketing Rx, helps make you a bit smarter so that when you make decisions about spending real money on marketing, you can make better decisions.

The Marketing Maturity Model

We’re taking on a big question here: what marketing should we do in our practice? It’s a very big question. Here’s the way that we’re going to answer it. I’m going to walk you through something called the Marketing Maturity Model. This is a model that we use with new clients, as we’re getting to know them, even before they become clients so that we can assess where they are on different stages of marketing, how good they are at it. What’s in place. What’s not so that we can start to break it down and put a plan together. It’s big and what we’re not going to do.

Watching the Video is Best

We’re taking a different approach with this Healthcare Marketing Rx video. With other videos we include the transcript here. With this video we’re not. In this video we walked through selected parts of the Marketing Maturity Model but not all of it. If we narrated all of it the video would be too long. Therefore, the transcript would not do the video justice.

We invite you to watch the video. We offer viewers the chance to take a screenshot of the full model. You can do that, too.

We offer a range of healthcare marketing systems and add on services that can fit a wide variety of needs. If you have questions about the model after watching the video, please contact us.