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Are You Getting HIPAA Compliant Online Reviews?

Usually, medical practices collect PHI when asking patients for reviews. Is your process HIPAA compliant?

Check out Healthcare Marketing Rx to find out.

We get results for our clients….

We get results for our clients. https://blog.grade.us/marketvisory-group-case-study/

Are You Using HIPAA Compliant Website Forms?

In your medical practice are you using HIPAA compliant website forms? Most aren’t. Easy to fix. https://www.marketvisorygroup.com/healthcare-marketing/hipaa-compliant-website-forms/

healthlaw hotspot

Is Your Practice’s Marketing HIPAA Compliant?

Great to talk about HIPAA compliant marketing on the Roetzel Healthlaw Hotspot podcast. #HIPAACompliance


New 5.0-star Review: “”

New 5.0-star Review: “”

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