Ariel Dangelo brings several years of diverse finance experience to her growing financial planning business. As a fiduciary, she uses her holistic approach to set individuals and families on the path to financial freedom. She understands that everyone has a unique set of circumstances, challenges, and goals. That is why she analyzes every aspect of a client’s financial situation and gets to know them on an individual level. Ariel is committed to gaining trust and takes great satisfaction in her client’s success. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband Michael, two dogs, two cats, chickens, and bees.

In this episode Carl White and Ariel Dangelo discuss:

  • As a practice owner, you need to know a few important numbers about your practice.
  • The difference between owning a practice and having a job (that you own) when it comes time to sell your practice
  • There are unique ways to save for college expenses as a practice owner

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