If you accept insurance, then your revenue cycle is a big deal. It can also be a big pain and really confusing. Cathryn Nebel has three KPIs that you can track to keep your finger on the pulse of your revenue cycle in just a few minutes a day.

Cathryn Nebel is CEO of Freedom Revenue Solutions. We enable Physicians peace of mind and ability to focus on patient care while our medical billing services take the Practice to the next level.

Our Certified team has 30 years in managing Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management, through a systematic approach in workflow management and process improvement techniques, coupled with our passion to help Small Medical Practices and Clinics improve their workflow strategies. Our Process is designed to engage with you and your team as a partner and extension of your business.

In this episode Carl White and Cathryn Nebel discuss:

  • The 3 KPIs to track to stay up to date on your revenue cycle’s efficiency and effectiveness
  • What to do if those KPIs are starting to show you problems
  • The 2 questions you can ask to see if you even have a revenue cycle problem at all

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