Colin Carr is a commercial real estate expert who has successfully completed over a thousand commercial real estate transactions while saving his clients hundreds of millions of dollars. Colin founded and scaled CARR, a nationwide commercial real estate company, to exclusively represent the unique needs and interests of healthcare providers. Colin has mastered several niches in the healthcare real estate industry and is passionate about helping others “Maximize Your Profitability Through Real Estate”. Today, CARR is the nation’s leading healthcare real estate advisor with a team of almost 150 experts that span coast-to-coast. Every year, thousands of healthcare providers trust CARR to help them achieve the most favorable terms on their lease and purchase negotiations.


In this episode Carl White and Colin Carr discuss:

  • The top mistakes healthcare practice owners make with their lease renegotiation
  • Why it costs $0 to hire a real estate expert to represent you when leasing or buying
  • How to decide whether to lease or buy office space for your practice


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