Does your staff show up only for the paycheck? If so, there’s more you can give them. Why bother to do that? Greater job satisfaction for them and better profitability for you. My guests today have some ideas on how you can get started.


Matthew Norton is an expert in human behavior and cognitive science and is the founder of People Plus Purpose, a company that coaches business owners to fulfill their purpose and achieve the success they’re seeking. Matthew is also the creator of numerous innovative assessments that provide unique insights into people’s key strengths and signature styles leading to improved interpersonal understanding, communication and collaboration. 


Jessica Martin is the owner of Martin Management Consulting and co-owner of Martin Dental, a successful dental spa in Eau Claire, WI. Jessica is a licensed school psychologist and helps medical professionals understand why patients feel anxious or fear at the dentist and other medical appointments. Jessica has created strategies for medical professionals to remove some of the most common barriers to care.


In this episode Carl White, Jessica Martin and Dr. Andrew Norton discuss:

  • The components of job satisfaction that are not money
  • How practice owners figure out what components they can and should offer
  • How practice owners measure their success with these other components


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