Scott Rattigan is a licensed attorney, business and mindset coach, integrative medicine practice consultant. His passion is helping integrative and functional medicine providers build and grow their practices to realize their goals and fall back in love with practicing medicine.


He founded Functional Lawyer to address the lack of legal support in the functional medicine practitioner community. It gives providers the tools to protect themselves and build solid legal and business foundations that allow them to grow with confidence, free from anxiety, and focus on changing the lives of their patients—without exorbitant legal fees.


Scott hosts a podcast—The Junto Club—that focuses on the functional medicine practitioner, the mental side of entrepreneurship, financial management, marketing, legal, business, and so much more. You can follow Scott and all of his projects at


In this episode Carl White and Scott Rattigan discuss:

  • Myths about telemedicine
  • Eye openers about HIPAA and malpractice insurance
  • When practicing telemedicine across state lines


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