Thinking about selling your practice to private equity? Curious about it? My guest today helps practice owners with such sales, and he wants to give you what you need to be eyes wide open about it.


Christopher Spoerl is a Principal with Professional Business Management in the Chicago suburb of Barrington. He’s a tax professional with particular expertise in individual, corporate, partnership, estate and trust taxation and an experienced certified financial planner. Chris and PBM are dedicated to providing services exclusively to small and medium sized medical and dental practices and their owners since 1990. Chris brings an in depth knowledge of health care practice financial management, including start-ups, operations, terminations, buy-ins, and buy-outs.


In this episode Carl White and Christopher Spoerl discuss:

  • How private equity determines a sales price for a practice
  • How employee pay (for the owner who becomes employed by private equity after the sale) actually works
  • Life as an employed doctor
  • When it makes sense to sell to private equity


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