Anyone else dread hiring? Wonder how to pick good candidates better the first time? My guest today used to answer yes and yes, but then he figured out a better way to hire and formed a company to help others do the same thing. He’ll tell us what he thinks.


Dr. Neal is a practicing Optometrist alongside his wife, Dr. Amy Neal. Together they founded Lakeside Vision in picturesque Hawley, Pennsylvania. They are celebrating their 20th year of servicing Northeast Pennsylvania. Dr. Michael neal is the chief executive officer at Build My Team. He is the face of the company, having founded the company as a result of his own practice’s hiring struggles. In his downtime Dr. Neal spends with Amy, their two boys and two dogs. Both Drs. Neal have recently taken up running and even run when not being chased.


In this episode Carl White and Dr. Michael Neal discuss:

  • The biggest challenges medical professionals face in staffing their practice
  • Results of hiring based on assessments vs. resumes and prior experience
  • How changing the way you hire has benefited Dr. Neal’s practice


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